BV EXPLORERS is a service for people considering to do business overseas.

Over a course of 10 weeks a local market explorer joins your team in order to connect to potential customers and test selling your products and services.

Thinking About Expanding Into Overseas Markets?

Work with a local EXPLORER to find out about your market demand and if you've got what it takes before making the big step.


Business Development and Sales Testing

Why Work With An EXPLORER?

Entering a distant market and establishing a business is related to substantial costs. A wrong market entry decision can have strong financial impacts and easily affect even the business in your home market. Therefore, we think it's better to know about the chances for failure or success beforehand.

We believe the best and most reliable way to find out is to actually try selling your solutions. Not only will it provide you with a clearer answer and eventually a first market proof. But it also lets you find out to which extent business works like in your home market and where it is different, before entering the new market.
The BV EXPLORER Approach

Our Explorers are local doers with local expertise and a local network. Joining your team as extended arm on site, your Explorer applies their sales and bizdev skills to help you echo your solutions in the market.

The EXPLORATION Process - 3 Stages

Understanding your products, services, company and goals, decide on initial strategy and prepare operations.

  • Target and strategy definition

  • Setup and methods derivation

  • Tools preparation


Trying out sales channels and tactics while constantly and transparently cooperating and communicating with your team.

  • Lead generation and sales testing

  • Business development for strategic partnerships

  • Industry expert feedbacks

Compare a DIY Approach vs. BV EXPLORERS


Summary and evaluation of the results to provide you the best insights and takeaways possible for your market entry decision.

  • Results evaluation

  • Summary composition

  • Market entry conclusion

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