BV PIONEERS is your one-stop management solution for overseas market entry and business operations. We recruit and work with local professionals with expertise and market experience in your industry for instant access to potential customers and to create and drive your business.

Rolling Out Your Business Overseas?

Founding a company is easy. Establishing it is not. Work with PIONEERS to drive market entry and business operations by local professionals.


Market Entry & Operations

Why Work With A PIONEER?
Founding a company in the U.S. is quick and easy - establishing and growing it is not. There are risks and pitfalls to make fundamental mistakes along the way while starting your overseas venture. From immigration related hurdles to tax related issues like creating a permanent establishment to working with service providers who only care about their business instead of your business success or failure.
Aspects like those can heavily impact your endeavor even at a time when your products and services might already be well demanded in your new market. Until a solid customer base provides you a stable business, it stays a fragile undertaking if not cared for properly. By working with a Pioneer you can mitigate such risks. We’re not a single service provider, but multi-faceted, and fully vested in every part of your business.
The BV PIONEER Approach

Your Pioneer And Their Mission

For an overseas market entry your chances of success are better by working with a central driver of your endeavor. Your Pioneer is your exlusive venture manager we recruit to work with you as an extended arm on site and first man on ground. His or her background, experience and skillset relate to your company’s solutions, industry and goals. Your Pioneer’s mission is to integrate and communicate with your team and to start growing your business, overseeing and actively managing all arising topics along the way.

Our Role And Mission

BuddyVentures not only recruits your Pioneer but starts co-working with them, supporting them in their mission and helping with reporting and result transparency. While your Pioneer brings in their own industry specific expertise and network and focuses especially on the customer and market facing side of your business, at BuddyVentures we actively co-manage your market entry focusing on the right legal and compliance related setup and on creating the operational infrastructure in connection to your headquarter.


Team Assignment

& Take off Check

How we differ. And why it's smart to work with us.

Recruiting Companies

collect up to 30% of the annual salary of an executive or key employee they recruit for you while you don't even know if that relationship is going to work out. With a Pioneer you can try before you buy. We not only connect you with your Pioneer without any upfront recruiting fees. Instead, because we start working with him or her, we make sure your endeavor is in good hands first.

Consultants & Special Service Providers

provide special knowhow vital for many areas of your business. Good advice, however, is only useful if followed by execution. A tax advisor will take care of your tax situation. They don't care about your sales as long as you can pay them. Together with your PIONEER and by centrally managing and coordinating the interaction of all parties involved we care of all facettes of your business. 

Accelerators & Program Platforms

are great ways to get first contacts and be connected to entrepreneurial communities and investors. Whereas such platforms typically take you by the hand and lead through a predetermined program of education, mentorship and networking, BV PIONEERS provides execution and full flexibility according to your needs to get things done during or after program participation.


might help you grow your company faster. At BuddyVentures we neither provide capital, nor do we take equity for our services. Together with your Pioneer we purely focus on operations management and execution to create and grow your local business. When connecting you to investors, however, a created local track record increases the probability of an investment.

PIONEER Plan Options

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